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Established in 1981, Furkating College is a premier seat of higher learning in the state of Assam. Over the years, the college has made significant contribution in the form of preparing the young generation for different jobs & professions & in making them to be responsible citizen.

Enriched academic programmers, eminent, scholarly & enthusiastic faculty, all-round performance of its students has upgraded the college to a position of high repute. The college wishes help & cooperation from all sections in its endeavour to be an   institute of excellence.

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Preparing the learner for knowledge society and strengthening socio-economic base of the sounding area though quality higher education.


•To enlighten the learners with relevant knowledge and equipping for developing their level of competence.
•To maintain healthy academic atmosphere through effective teaching learning and extension activities.
•To help the people of sounding area in social mobilization and the improvement of their socio-economic base by involving them in   various institution activities.
•To produce manpower for diverse field.
•To promote awareness on various issues such as environment, human values, culture, human right, etc.
•To establish linkage with various organizations and agencies for
•To reduce social intoleranc.


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            Furkating College
             P.O: Furkating
             District: Golaghat
             Assam  INDIA
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             03774-246 079  (Office)

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