IQAC Detail:

IQAC Co-ordinator Name: Mrs. Indira Gogoi

Co-Ordinator of Sub Committees-

* Teaching Learning and Evaluation--                 Dr. Amulya Borah

* Curricular Criteria--                 Mrs. Angona Goswami

* Research Concentration & Extension Committee-- Dr. Ajonta Rajkhowa

* Student Support and Progress--                 Mr. Jatin Mech

* Innovative Practice--                 Mr. Apurba Ranjan Dutta

* Infrastructure & Learning Resources--                 Mr. Bhupen Kr. Neog

* Organization & Management--                                 Dr. Munirul Hussain
AQAR 2015-16
Reaccredited by NAAC with Grade "B++"
Furkating College
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